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VA Underwriting

VA Manual Underwriting – Credit Reporting Errors

VA Manual Underwriting - Credit Reporting Errors

VA Experience This is another great example of VA manual underwriting heroics. As part of our series on VA manual underwriting success stories, this story by Erick Shank really stands out as showing that Erick and his team take helping their clients very seriously. A pattern you may have recognized through Mia’s and Jim’s stories,…

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VA Guidelines – Manual Underwriting

VA Guidelines - Manual Underwriting

Second Chance If your lender is unable to get an automated underwriting approval, or if you’ve been turned down with no explanation, it’s possible that it’s your lender, and not you, who is not qualified. VA manual underwriting guidelines are designed to give an underwriter guidance and the guidelines for manually underwriting, and approving a…

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How to Battle Discrimination Against Veterans and VA Loans

VA Loan Discrimination

The Ugly Truth There is a very disturbing and ugly pattern of discrimination against VA Loans that happens in the real estate industry and that must change.  Veterans that qualify for VA home loan benefits are having difficulty getting offers accepted to buy a home.  The reason they are not being considered?  Because they are…

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VA Loans – Do You Know Your Benefits?

Know Your VA Benefits

Your VA Benefit When it comes to home financing, it is hard to beat the opportunities provided through the Veterans Administration. How does 100% financing for the purchase or refinance of your home with no mortgage insurance sound to you? With traditional home financing, home loans with a Loan to Value greater than 80% require…

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Veteran Mortgage Benefits to Remember

Veteran Home Loan Benefits to Remember

Veteran Mortgage Eligibility Every day should be a day to remember the sacrifices our Veterans have made for this Country. It still surprises me how many Veterans are unaware of the benefits available to them through their VA Guarantee home loan benefit. The mortgage benefit available to eligible military service members is unmatched anywhere in…

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5 Things You Might Not Know About VA Loans

VA Home Loan Benefit - Things You Might Not Know

Home Loan Benefit The VA Home Loan Benefit is becoming more and more popular as market changes have brought to light the features of this loan that make it so incredible. It’s not that VA Home Loans have not been used in the past, they are being used.  But before the mortgage meltdown, lenders used higher…

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