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First Time Home Buyer Guide

1. Buying Your First Home?

Start Here Buying your first home is both scary and exciting at the same time.  It gets incredibly scary and exciting the closer you come to…

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2. Home Buyer Education

Education is Empowerment First time homebuyer education, also called first time homebuyer counseling, is a requirement of many buyer assistance programs. If you are not a first…

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3. Hiring a Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent

Hiring a Loan Officer Hiring a loan officer is more important than hiring a lender. You will not hear many people say this, but there is…

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4. Get Pre-Approved

Getting Pre-Approved Getting pre-approved for a home loan should be one of the first steps towards becoming a homeowner. Looking at homes for sale online is…

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5. Pre-Approval Preservation

Financial Lockdown Once you’ve received a Pre-Approval from your lender, it is vitally important that Nothing Changes in terms of your income, assets or credit that…

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6. Home Buyer Assistance

A Helping Hand Buyer assistance is a topic that I’m very experienced with in my home State of California. Today, as I write this article, there…

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